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Paradis-F/W 2018

Only few days before the Tsagaan sar (Lunar new year) designers introduces their second collection of the year, F/W 2018 – Paradis. The name of the collection is in French and it means Paradise. Lunar new year is a time when families, relatives, friends and colleagues and people who do not know each other greet in a traditional manner and wish well being to each other. It is like a thanksgiving day. All you can seen happily smiling faces, hearing kind and encouraging words and variety of food on the table. this is a real life paradise.


This collection had only eight look and all of them were ethno designs. there were “sheepskin” coats, printed floral dresses, oversized collar coats and silk dresses. Traditionally baby sheepskin was used for winter deels to keep the wearer warm. But with a new technology we were able to use substitute in different color ranges. The designers offer a deel with embroidered pockets which were the highlight of the collection. Usually deel does not have pockets outside and it was an innovation. Surprisingly, men also wanted to wear the same design but made especially for men.

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