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Glamour collection consists of Something is going very right at Michel&Amazonka. It would be hard to name another designer in Mongolian fashion who is putting out a more inclusive, relatable, and unforced sense of modern elegance than our creative directors.

A collection dedicated to Music festivals. So-called “festival style” is ubiquitous—and it’s how fashion is capitalizing on the fact that large-scale music events have earned a dress code all their own.

Making a good impression is important to a woman when she’s in love with someone.

Wondering what to wear as the weather warms up? Michel&Amazonka is offering joyous, colorful, ethnic-inspired dresses, tops and deels for the mid ni Spring.

To keep up with the increasing demand for our products the company management is set to expand its sales points in and beyond the city.

Michel&Amazonka is releasing series of T-shirts design as part of ready-to-wear line.

Michel&Amazonka’s long waited stationery collection just released its first envelope and greeting card designs for the public.

Aesthetic intelligence, particularly when it comes to the visual aspects of your identity, reflects your ability to pick up social cues and communicate effectively.

Fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level. It can tell who you are.

One of global entertainment show The Voice of Mongolia is a talent show that aims to discover new singing talents in Mongolia premiered on January 21, 2018 on Mongol HD TV.

The designers seem captivated by notions of identity, celebrating them and pushing their boundaries.

Only few days before the Tsagaan sar (Lunar new year) designers introduces their second collection of the year, F/W 2018 – Paradis. The name of the collection is in French and it means Paradise.

For the 2nd time Michel&Amazonka is organizing “Deeltei uulzalt” or Meeting with Deel on 17 February, 2018 or the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year.

Mongolian professional designers union organized its second fashion show with 2 new members Kidult/93 and Ovdog on 28 October, 2017 at the newly opened Polaris Department Store.

The designers slightly shifted their focus from their previous concepts and aimed to introduce innovative pieces with different silhouette and explore new and exciting approaches.

Perhaps the romantic dresses were predictably of Michel&Amazonka, though still stunning in all their variety.

For centuries clothes have been used, not just for practicality, but as a way of projecting an image and appearance to the rest of the world.

Our designers chose the 29th of July of each year as a special Michel&Amazonka day to thank our dear customers for being with us and for encouraging and supporting us.

There’s something about well-styled clothes and amazing shoes that makes them completely irresistible for people.

This capsule collection is dedicated for the first ever Mongolia’s Next Top Model Reality Show’s Grand Finale. Since the beginning of this show we collaborated with the organizers on dresses for the judges, and looks for their main photo-shoot in Khuvsgul.

photo by MNCCI

The Mongolian National chamber of Commerce and Industry nominated and selected Michel&Amazonka as the Best Start-Up company of 2016 for being inspirational newcomer. We are honored to accept this award and humbly expressing our gratitude for acknowledging our effort and hard work.  

A simple proposal to design a bank card grow into a branding a new credit card for women.

Mongolian Professional Designers Union IS S Non-Government organization devoted to helping fashion industry professionals to network and work together towards success.

Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collection is alive with cascading blossoms, colorful crystals, and metallic leaves.

For the 6th time “Baikal Fashion Week” is inviting various well-known fashion designers to the region. In total 24 collections were introduced and more than 500 guests attended the runway.

At the same time with “Queen Dondogdulam” collection a new collection called “Paradise” came to light.

I’m watching you collection aimed to bring ethnic designs back to life with contemporary couture twist.

Mongolia is one of 25 Asian countries that actively take part in “Asia Model Awards,” a festival that consists of three main events: the “Asia New Star Model Contest,” “Asia Mi Festival” and the “Asia Model Awards,” with nine smaller events in between.

Бид, Улаанбаатарчуудад тустай нэгэн ажлыг эхлүүлснээ дуулгахад таатай байна.

Whether you’re in the market for a weather-ready coat that you can wear to the office or friends meeting when the sun’s still shining, you’re going to need to keep the cold out this Spring.

For the upcoming New Year celebration designers presented their 2 part collection with Dondogdulam, the collection named after the last Queen Consort of Mongolian history.

Ази тивийн шидгүүдийг шалгаруулдаг Fashion Asia Awards бол салбартаа Oscar-н шагналтай дөхөж очих шагналуудын нэг юм.

Хамгийн анх удаа Michel&Amazonka диайзнерүүд маань сар шинийн баярыг угтсан уламжлалт хувцасны цуглуулгаа “Made in Mongolia” нэрийн дор танилцууллаа.

Монгол оронд зун цаг ирэхэд охид бүсгүйчүүд хамгийн сайхан хувцаснуудаа өмсдөг хамгийн сайхан улирал яах аргагүй мөн.

2013 оны Улаанбаатар загварын долоо хоногоор Мишел Амазонкагийн хамгийн анхны хамтарсан загварын шоу буюу “Unique” коллекци танилцуулагдаж брэндийн үүсгэл суурь тавигдсан.

Salvador, Хавар/Намар 2013-2014 нь Монголын эрс тэр уур амьсгалд тохируулсан өвөрмөц хэвлэлтэй пальтоны цуглуулга боллоо.

Crystal Mind, Намар-Өвөл 2015-2016 цуглуулгаараа бэлэн хувцасны загварт кутьюр ажиллагаа оруулснаараа өмнөх загваруудаасаа өөр болж чадлаа.

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