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Our main activity is to create couture designs for our clients mainly in Mongolia. Often our collections are way fancier than ready-to-wear clothes. We call our designs as Couture not Haute Couture. Because we do not meet all three Haute Couture requirements which is protected by law in France and is defined by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris). But as a fresh starter we do put effort in meeting the first requirement which is designing made-to-order for private clients (often one and only design) with one or more fitting. 


In order to meet the other 2 requirements, we must have (1) atelier based Paris and employ at least 15 full time staff and (2) to present two collections consists of 35 or more looks each year to Paris press and it is commonly known as a quiet challenging requirements for designers. 


Michel&Amazonka will create Made-to-measure deels or ethno dresses that are custom made, but it is the size that is tailored rather than the whole design. First, you choose a style from the designers’ collections, then they will take your measurements and make a dress to fit your unique body shape. Made-to-measure dresses are generally cheaper than bespoke dresses, as the designer does not have to create a new design from scratch, they can use existing designs and just adjust the sizes to make it a perfect fit. Most made-to-measure dresses will vary in prices depending on the design.

If you would like to order one of our designs to be made-to-order for yourself, we kindly ask you to read following information.

When we are making couture designs, we are making the garment for a specific client to her/his own measurements. Based on the measurement and body structure we will need various fittings, often 2 times for one garment.

On the first fitting we might give you to try on muslin. Because, sometimes we make muslin to perfect the fit before working on the chosen fabric/silk. This means you will have 2 more fittings at least after trying on the muslin.

There are so many details that require hand sewing. Therefore the length of producing one design might take at least 2 weeks and more depending on details like beading, applique, embroidery, overcasting the seams, and even creating a new material combining two more materials.

Due to high seasonal orders it might take much longer to finalize your design. Therefore contacting us two months prior the scheduled date would be a smart choice.

The ready design does not have standardized garment label with size, and care symbols because it was made to your measurement only and several materials were used to create a fancy design. Therefore specific care instruction does not apply in printed form.

When you schedule appointment with us please make sure you have enough time to discuss about the design details and giving measurements. Rushing will only harm the final product.

Once the sewing process starts it is impossible to completely change the design or the color therefore through discussion before order is important

In order to fulfill the customers wish to have an exclusive design, our material are brought in a limited quantity and same material cannot be used once it is finished.

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