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Michel&Amazonka, fashion designer sisters from Mongolia created their own signature clothing mark in 2013. It is distinguished by its stylistic combination of European style with rich Mongolian traditional clothing techniques and ornaments. Both sisters create Couture and Pret-a-porter designs for women who choose to look stylish, sophisticated, sexy and unique.

 The entire value chain from creation to sales in conveyed by its distinctive style, based on strong tradition and Mongolian culture. The philosophy of our mark lies with the attention to detail, Mongolian traditional tailoring and the designers’ wit. Michel&Amazonka will continue to work for greater style and individuality for women and men of all ages.

The founders, Michel Choigaalaa and Amazonka Choigaalaa saw the opportunity to reach their dream if they work together combining their strengths and passion for Fashion. Today Michel&Amazonka produces high-end clothing, footwear, accessories and handbags.




Munkhjargal Choigaalaa

Experience: Chief Executive Officer Michel&Amazonka LLC since 2015. Co-Founder Mongolian Professional Designers Union, NGO since 2017 Co-Founder Save For Future NGO Since 2018. Program Assistant and Small project Coordinator Peace Corps Mongolia, US Government Agency 2008-2013. Admin Manager and HR Manager CIS Mongolia LLC, International French catering company 2006-2008

Education: Master of Project Management University: Australian National University, Canberra, 2014 Bachelor of Linguistic-English University: State University of Humanity, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2006 Bachelor of International Economy and B. Administration University: “Chinggis-Soosei” Foreign Service Institute, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2004

Creative Director

Michel Choigaalaa

Education: Fashion Institute, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2003-2007 Fashion designer, Secondary School #75

Experience: Founder of TREND Fashion Store 2006-2013

Creative Director

Amazonka Choigaalaa

Education: Fashion Institute, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2008-2012 Fashion designer, Secondary School #18

Experience: Lead Singer for STAR FISH group

Before establishing Michel&Amazonka, both of them worked from home and took part in several fashion events and released few collections on their own. It was an invitation to the Ulaanbaatar Fashion show 2013 that helped sisters to unite their effort to create a whole collection in a short time. After 2 years, Michel&Amazonka LLC was officially registered and recruited their first two staff members. 

As a young company Michel&Amazonka is in a continuous development process and working on perfecting the whole system. Together with their older sister MJ Choigaalaa who is responsible for administrative and financial aspects of the company has developed strategic plan for the next 10 years and working towards becoming the leading design company of Couture and Pret-a-porter sector of Mongolia and the region. Michel&Amazonka does not limit its boundaries based on material and the variety which gives them freedom of working with various artists and raw materials.

Since the beginning, both designers were concentrating on various designs for women, but from 2016, they started introducing designs for men in their collections. Currently Michel&Amazonka employ permanent 12 staff and 4 contractors. Annually the whole team works hard on 3-4 collections. As of the end of 2016, the mark has 1 flagship store, 2 distribution stores, a customer service center and 3 workshops where all products are created.

As a socially responsible company it acknowledges the importance of maintaining a balance between the economy and the ecosystem thus contributes towards children and environmental protection by creating eco bags with affordable price. Income generated by the eco bag is spent for vulnerable children and their wellbeing. This social responsibility program is run in collaboration with Arig Bank, our partner in Social responsibility.



Since 2015, Michel&Amazonka’s atelier has grown from a single-room studio into a bustling atelier in over 200 m2 space. The brand takes pride in its Made in Mongolia stamp and cherishes the rare and refined level of skills that the Atelier workers poses: from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here. Current staff are graduated from the Urlakh Erdem Institute, State University of Science and Technology, Ikh Zasag University, Ulaanbaatar University, Mandakh University, Citi Institute, Huree Institute and The Australian National University. There are wide range of professionals coming together to run Michel&Amazonka’s daily operation. Since we’ve began with only 2 staff, we’ve grown to 17 full time staff within 3 years period. We are creative people and work environment impacts our mood, drive and performance. If employees work in a dreary office setting with unfriendly workers, they likely won’t feel motivated or confident to speak up. That’s why creating a productive work environment is critical to the overall success of our company. We carefully select staff members who are passionate about what they are doing and also friendly with the co-workers. From the management we take every possible measure to provide comfortable space, working equipment and amenities that can be customized according to the staff’s need. We adhere to the 8 hours working schedule daily and organize training when necessary for our staff to constantly keep up good performance. They health and well-being is our priority.


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